• Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)


    You will:

    • Maintain the existing FC platform (~75% time)

    • Ship new features (~25% time)

    • Assist Venture team on technical diligence of startups serving developers, incubation, etc (as needed)

    You have:

    • Built complex web applications for 8+ years used by thousands or millions of users
    • Ability and interest to learn & implement new frameworks, but existing fluency in:
      • Backend engineering: Python, Django, Django REST framework
      • Frontend engineering: Angular, Typescript, Coffeescript, Grunt
      • DevOps: deploying & testing Django apps on AWS (EC2/RDS/ELB/S3)/Heroku/CircleCI
    • A security-first mindset, experience handling systems with PII
    • Experience & patience extracting answers from large, undocumented codebases
    • Experience integrating 3rd party APIs
    • A preference for shipping working code quickly and iterative development
    • High adaptability to change
    • High self-motivation and natural inclination to improve
    • Great communication skills with engineers and non-engineers
    • A preference for working with small vs. large teams

    The perks:

    • Remote-first company
    • Benefits package includes full coverage of health insurance premiums
    • Competitive salary
  • Interested?

    Email us today at careers@fundersclub.com, send us a note with the form below or get in touch with a FundersClub team member! And you can learn more about working at FundersClub here.


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