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    We help entrepreneurs and investors build the future:


  • ...and, our work helps investors support and share in the upside of disruptive technology startups.


    Value creation in tech is increasingly concentrated in the private markets vs the public markets. FundersClub is expanding access to the private markets for tech investors.

  • About FundersClub

    FundersClub made history when it became the first web service to enable an online investment in a startup in the US in 2012. FundersClub moved the VC industry forward by introducing the category of online venture capital, and today, VC and the Internet go hand-in-hand. Our own investors include Y Combinator and top VCs, and our work has been covered and featured by WSJ, USA Today, Bloomberg, Harvard Business Review, TechCrunch, and more.


    Startups FundersClub has invested in beginning at the Seed stage—like Instacart, Coinbase, GitLab, and Webflow—have gone on to become category-defining, global companies who’ve turned what was once impossible into normal for millions of people. FundersClub has Seeded over 20 unicorn companies to date.


    Meanwhile, FundersClub has enabled thousands of investors to invest millions of dollars in opportunities they might otherwise be unable to access, resulting in life-changing outcomes for many.


    Today, we continue to break new ground as we support the innovators building our future and build the premier online marketplace for investing in VC.


    You can learn more about our platform at https://fundersclub.com/.

    Working at FundersClub

    FundersClub believes small teams of exceptional people can accomplish exceptional outcomes together. As a result, we have an extremely high bar for joining our team, and expect every new hire to raise the bar higher.


    We expect world-class performance in ourselves and in each other, and continuously strive to do our best work in the pursuit of our mission to invest in and build the future of technology. While at work, we leave politics and causes unrelated to our mission at the door so our small team can bring focus and effect to our mission.


    FundersClub's core values:

    • Love: Love drives our work at FundersClub. We care deeply about whom we work with, and the impact we have on them. We optimize for love across our stakeholders. 
    • Curiosity: At FundersClub we question the status quo and seek to understand the perspective of others. We believe curiosity leads to innovation and that we have the agency to change the status quo. 
    • Honesty and Integrity: FundersClub is committed to earning lasting trust through transparency and through doing the right thing, whether or not anyone is watching. 
    • Agility: We are action-oriented. We have a strong sense of immediacy and are light on our feet, while remaining disciplined and deliberate. 
    • Courage: At FundersClub, we let facts and first principles rule the day, not emotion or fear. 


    How we work:


    As a small and agile team, the majority of our day is spent on individual contributor work. However, nothing would get done without effective team work, and we regularly collaborate and work together as a team. There are multiple components of what makes for effective team work:


    • Flexibility and operating with agility in uncertain and shifting circumstances is a hallmark of our work. We like wearing multiple hats and have a history of thriving without hand-holding. Ambiguous or shifting priorities is not unusual. Mastering new info quickly is a normal part of our roles.
    • Rather than complaining or blaming others when we encounter challenges, we find solutions to problems, whether they are self-created, or created by others. We own our failures / mistakes.
    • We seek to be great communicators and listeners. We seek to explain ideas clearly and concisely. We seek to be thoughtful and active listeners.
    • We value transparency & feedback, both giving and receiving it. We value self-improvement, and helping others improve.
    • We’re comfortable with working from home / remote, or working from an office.
    • We have a natural hunger to be the best. This is different from merely wanting to excel in one’s career (lots of people want that), but rather is demonstrated by us going far above and beyond expectations in our work, and by consistently delivering exceptional results.
    • We seek to always be excellent to each other, to always be nice to each other, and to raise the bar wherever possible.

    Alumni of FundersClub

    For many of us, FundersClub has been the capstone of our careers and a place we can call our professional home for the long run. For others, FundersClub has played the role of a better university, by accelerating the careers of exceptional people who worked with FundersClub for a period of years. Driven by excellence and the learnings and network instilled by FundersClub, these alumni of FundersClub have gone on to become:

    • Founders & CEOs of successful startups
    • Lead Engineers and CTOs
    • Specialist consultants
    • VC investors

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